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Chairman Word,

Creating a fully coordinated quality “look and feel”. 1984 – almost thirty-six years have passed since we set off, and we remain over grateful to our many clients (we prefer to call them “partners”) who have allowed us to develop in both experience and professionalism.
We chose a niche market where the requirements are very particular, and where commitment to quality is fully rewarded. Today we continue designing work clothes, coordinated images, unusual and functional solutions capable of expressing a unique style.
Knowing how to listen to clients and understand their needs are essential prerequisites for their and our success.
Our work method is simple, based on full collaboration with our clients, to focus together on an effective strategy, capable of expressing, even in its smallest details, an original, unique style.
Work uniforms are strategic implements in communication and marketing.
Work uniforms pose very different challenges from normal clothing and their features have to be specifically developed. Resistant to frequent washing, wearability, and comfort call for materials and technical decisions based on analysis, selection, and testing to quality standards, in other words – specific, state-of-the-art know-how. Working makes their extensive experience available to all clients in the development of made-to-measure procedures, research, and effective solutions, also, our fabrics and accessories storage service ensure the essential continuity of the coordinated image through time.


Chairman & CEO
Dr. Hatem Hussain Ragaei.
TM Fashion Factory and Hotel Supplies